Our escape rooms are great for everyone!

Corporate Teams:

Axxiom Escape Rooms has quickly become the team building event of choice for the greater Delaware, Maryland, and eastern Pennsylvania areas. Escape rooms offer a creative and challenging way to develop your professional teams. Colleagues must communicate, share ideas, work together and problem solve and execute time management in order to complete their experience. Our rooms are built utilizing over 30 years of retail management and executive leadership experience to interlace collaboration and multiple perspective approach in order to progress through our rooms. We used a challenge first, entertain second model that has proven to clearly separate us in quality not only from other escape room companies but also other teambuilding concepts. We offer on-site facilitation after your escape is done to enhance the learning and impact of the experience.

Want to incorporate lunch or dinner into your teambuilding event? We can cater your event on site providing fresh and appetizing food from only the best restaurants in New Castle County. Our experiences are seamless…we take care of the logistics, you and your team just show up for great food and an amazing teambuilding experience.

Have a team or department larger than 15? We can simply utilize multiple rooms to accommodate everyone during the escape experience…our Wilmington location has the capability to accommodate over 60 at any given time.Want to create some friendly competition? We have structured events that incorporate strategy and leadership into the mix that create a platform for multiple rooms to compete against each other even when the difficulty levels are not equal. Whether it is a competition setting or a traditional team building event, our clients always have fun while strengthening the bond between team members.

Our escape rooms are great for everyone!

Social Teams and Birthday Events:

Escape rooms offer a creative and exciting form of entertaining experience. Our escape rooms will challenge you and your friends and family; peak your curiosities; and provide a rewarding feeling of accomplishment…even if you don’t get out. And by the way…most don’t. There’s nothing more satisfying for a group than completing your exodus…however, the experience of family bonding or friendship enhancement is irreplaceable! Think you and your friends are smarter than all the rest? Think you can work together to solve the puzzles and find the clues in time? Our escape rooms are designed for 2-15 players and best experienced with 4-8. Got a larger group? Not a problem…we have multiple rooms to accommodate your needs!

Date Night:

Escape rooms are an excellent way to enjoy date night. Double-dating…all of our rooms can accommodate 4 players. Spending the night as just the two of you? We have 3 outstanding escape
experiences that accommodate 2 players. Our escape rooms are an exhilarating, fun experience for the night. There are several outstanding restaurants right in the immediate area…there’s nothing better than dinner and an escape to round out the date!